St. Ayre is a music freak. Brought up on Blues, Psychedelia, and Country, he came of age during the Metal explosion of the 80's. Secretly, he listened to a lot of 80's dance and pop as well. During the late 80's he fronted several bands that went nowhere for a lot of reasons. In the early 90's, industrial was discovered and bathed in, as was a great deal of goth and new age. He still hates loathes and despises grunge. He is also very opinionated, and can be an asshole to work with, which is why he is a solo kind of guy.


Trent Reznor David Bowie Queensryche Slade Prince King Crimson Brian Eno Hanoi Rocks Sister Machine Gun Charlie Clouser Dio Waylon Jennings B.B. King Scott Fitzgerald Dead Can Dance Duran Duran Bang Tango Lizzie Grey Lords Of Acid Edvard Grieg Savatage Crimson Glory Midnight

and many others.

What I use to make the music you hear

Currently I run an Apple iBook G4 running Leopard and Logic Studio.
I also use the Amazing RGB Music Lab by Kenji Kojima.
My controller is an M-audio Oxygen8.