About Ripp'd & Ravag'd

Ripp'd & Ravag'd is a collection of music dating back as much as 10 years. It encompasses things from the 4 track days, on up to my latest experiments with Logic. I hope you enjoy what you hear.

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Track 1: First(last)
Track 2: Crying
Track 3: Saturday's Song
Track 4: You Won't Cry
Track 5: Deeper Down
Track 6: KPD
Track 7: Hard Memory
Track 8: Ominous
Track 9: Savagery
Track 10: WayOne
Track 11: Grammy Slides
Track 12: Gods & Goddesses
Track 13: Rythmic Motions (tender)
Track 14: Rythmic Motions (rough )


Coming Soon.
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